Course Details for P884/15

Course Description:Start at Greatham on the A325 opposite “Woodland” Gateway 25 yards from road direction sign on the hill towards the Longmoor Bridge at Longmoor. Proceed in towards the Longmoor Bridge crossing the small roundabout to cross the flyover to join the A3 towards Portsmouth / Petersfield (0.6 mile).

Proceed along A3 towards the Ham Barn Roundabout and take the first exit signposted Liss (B3006) 2.2 miles. Continue on this road until reaching roundabout at West Liss 3.8 miles. Go directly over roundabout then bearing right following sign A3 Guildford. Go over the fly-over to rejoin A3 (4.3 miles) and proceed north.

At the Ham Barn roundabout (5.8 miles) take the second exit and continue north on the A3. Proceed north passing turnings for the (1) A325 (Farnham) (2) Griggs Green, at the third turning (10.9 miles) take the left turn signposted Haslemere / Liphook, and continue over the flyover taking the left turn onto the slip road to rejoin the A3 in a southerly direction (signposted Petersfield / Portsmouth).

Retrace along A3 towards and at the second turning A325 Farnham (14.6 miles) take the slip road to cross the Longmoor Bridge, cross the small roundabout (A325) to finish 100 yards from Greatham Roundabout by a “Woodland” opening 15 miles.

OS Map(s): Start Ref: 787316 Finish Ref: 785318