Event Entries for Johanna Lovell, ...a3crg
Event DateEvent NameDistCourseActual TimeWinnerWinner TimeComments
26-Jul-2017Greatham Summer League - Handicap Competition Night10P88100:28:41Gary Chambers00:19:12
19-Jul-2017Greatham Summer League - Groupie Night10P881R00:28:40John Dewey00:18:37
12-Jul-2017Greatham Summer League - Girlie Night Comp10P88100:27:19Gary Chambers00:18:44
28-Jun-2017Greatham Summer League - Saga Night10P88100:28:26David Janes00:19:03
14-Jun-2017Greatham Summer League - Event 6 - Equalised Results10P881R00:27:22Hamish Bond00:17:55
07-Jun-2017Greatham Summer League - Greatham Handicap10P881R00:28:17Hamish Bond00:19:04
31-May-2017Greatham Summer League - Half Time Scores10P88100:27:04Chris Boddy00:19:33
10-May-2017Greatham Summer League - Signing On Night10P88100:29:15Gary Chambers00:19:01
09-Apr-2017Hurting on Harting Part Deux (Road Bikes)23P87701:18:56Craig Wallington00:55:55
10-Aug-2016...a3crg Summer 10 - The Buriton 1010P88300:27:17Pat Wright00:19:00
03-Aug-2016...a3crg Mixed Gender 2up 10m TT10P88100:24:22Rachael Elliott / Ian Greenstreet00:20:18
20-Jul-2016...a3crg Summer 10 Series - Groupie Night10P881R00:27:02Peter Harrison00:18:39
13-Jul-2016...a3crg Summer 10 Series - Sneaky 2525P884/25b01:10:31Paul Ashley00:49:40
06-Jul-2016...a3crg Summer 10 Series10P88100:26:53Kevin Tye00:19:21
15-Jun-2016...a3crg Summer 10 Series - Half Time Scores10P881R00:28:00Liam Maybank00:19:23
01-Jun-2016...a3crg Summer 10 Series - 2up TTT Comp10P88100:26:03James Mapley00:20:25
25-May-2016...a3crg Summer 10 Series - Retro Bike Night10P88100:30:27James Copeland00:19:37
11-May-2016...a3crg Summer 10 Series - League Signing-On Night10P88100:27:09James Copeland00:19:31
05-Aug-2015Mixed Gender 2up TTT10P88100:24:23Rachael Elliott / Ian Greenstreet00:20:47
22-Jul-2015Summer Tens - Handicap Night10P88100:27:55Tom Pritchard00:20:17
15-Jul-2015Summer Tens - Young Guns10P88100:29:17Tom Pritchard00:20:01
08-Jul-2015Summer Tens - Half Time Scores10P881R00:29:58Tom Pritchard00:20:59
01-Jul-2015Summer Tens - Girlie Night10P88100:27:16Ricky Froud00:20:19
24-Jun-2015Summer Tens - Saga Night10P88100:27:46Stephen Whitewick00:20:10
10-Jun-2015Summer Tens - Half Time Scores10P881R00:29:31Sam Orbell00:21:29
03-Jun-2015Summer Tens - 2up TTT Comp & Solos10P88100:24:45Peter Younghusband / Sam Orbell00:20:25
27-May-2015Summer Tens - Singles Night10P88100:27:59Gary Chambers00:20:16
20-May-2015Summer Tens - Road Bike Comp10P88100:28:44Sam Orbell00:20:25
13-May-2015Summer Tens - League Signing-On Night10P88100:29:20Gary Chambers00:20:43
06-Aug-20142up Mixed Gender TTT10P88100:23:58Lesley Walkling / Stephen Walkling00:19:35
23-Jul-2014...a3crg Summer Tens - Open10P881R00:27:52Kevin Tye00:19:51
09-Jul-2014...a3crg Summer Tens - Event 9 (Half Time Scores)10P88100:30:08Lesley Walkling / Stephen Walkling00:20:43
02-Jul-2014...a3crg Summer Tens - Event 8 (Girlie Night Comp)10P88100:27:19Ricky Froud00:20:46
25-Jun-2014...a3crg Summer Tens - Event 710P88100:27:25Ricky Froud00:20:50
18-Jun-2014...a3crg Summer Tens - Event 6 (Greatham Handicap)10P881R00:28:25Stephen Walkling / Lesley Walkling00:20:28
11-Jun-2014...a3crg Summer Tens - Event 5 (Half Time Scores)10P881R00:28:23Stephen Walkling00:19:46
28-May-2014...a3crg Summer Tens - Event 3 (Singles Night)10P88100:28:00Graeme Stirzaker00:20:36
21-May-2014...a3crg Summer Tens - Event 2 (Road Bike Comp)10P88100:28:20Charles Mitchell00:20:55
18-Apr-2014Good Friday 1010P88300:28:14Kevin Tye00:20:13
30-Mar-2014Tour of Lod Valley23P87501:24:16Simon McNamara00:57:40
07-Aug-2013...a3crg Mixed Gender TTT10P88100:24:29Julia Shaw / Stephen Whitewick00:20:27
07-Apr-2013...a3crg Club 10m TT10P88600:32:53Andy Smith00:25:52
29-Mar-2013...a3crg Easter 1010P88300:28:41Sebastian Ader00:20:17
07-Oct-2012Tour of Lod Valley23P87501:22:34Sebastian Ader00:54:59
18-Jul-2012...a3crg Mixed Gender 2up TTT10P881R00:23:44Julia Shaw / Stephen Whitewick00:19:59
27-Jun-2012Summer Ten Series - Event 710P88100:25:22Simon Tout00:20:04
20-Jun-2012Summer Ten Series - Event 610P88100:26:41Harry Bulstrode00:20:09
13-Jun-2012Summer Ten Series - Event 510P88100:27:53Simon Tout00:20:08
05-Jun-2012...a3crg 2up TTT25P881/2501:06:25Simon Tout / Jeremy Ponting00:52:152nd Fastest Women
30-May-2012Summer Ten Series - Event 310P88100:25:51Simon Tout00:19:53
23-May-2012Summer Ten Series - Event 210P88100:28:25Simon Tout00:20:04
16-May-2012Summer Ten Series - Event 110P88100:28:08Simon Tout00:20:48
06-Apr-2012...a3crg 10m TT10P88300:27:50Stephen Whitewick00:19:58
25-Feb-2012a3crg Winter Nut Cruncher10P88600:31:25Gabriel Martinez00:22:52
20-Jul-2011...a3crg 10m 2-up Mixed TTT (Flying Hamster Series - Event 4)10P88100:24:48Julia Shaw / Stephen Whitewick00:20:09
03-Jul-2011RTTC National 3-up Team Time Trial Championship37P88901:49:20Alexander Royle / Alistair Rutherford / Adam Duggleby01:15:341st Womens Team
27-Jun-2011...a3crg 25m TT (Max 80 riders) (Flying Hamster Series - Event 3)25P885/2501:08:11Stephen Whitewick00:49:32
11-Sep-2010...a3crg Saturday 10mile TT (20% Women)10P881R00:26:51Stephen Whitewick00:19:45
15-Aug-2010...a3crg 33K 2-up TTT (Duo Normand Shakedown)21P87201:03:29Patrick Brennan / Sebastian Ader00:46:20
28-Jun-2010...a3crg Summer Evening 10mile TT (20% Women)10P881R00:28:07Stephen Whitewick00:19:50
19-Jun-2010RTTC National Womens 50 mile TT Championship50P885/5002:21:23Julia Shaw01:46:46
16-Jun-2010...a3crg Summer 10 series - Greatham Handicap10P88100:29:21Patrick Brennan00:21:15
12-Sep-2009...a3crg 10m TT10P881R00:28:05Phill Sykes00:19:26
16-Aug-2009...a3crg 2-up TTT20P87201:05:50Jerone Walters / Phill Sykes00:44:00
06-Aug-2008...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 11 - Presentation Night10P88100:27:37Stephen Walkling00:20:00
30-Jul-2008...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 10 - Handicap Night10P88100:27:18Ben Instone00:20:01
23-Jul-2008...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 9 - Groupie Night [23/7/2008] P88110P88100:27:26Nik Bowdler00:20:06
16-Jul-2008...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 8 - Girlie Night10P88100:27:08Ian White00:21:07
30-Jun-2008...a3crg 25m TT (All women accepted)25P885/2501:07:25Nik Bowdler00:50:18
18-Jun-2008...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 4 - Greatham Handicap10P88100:27:24Mick St Leger00:20:42
04-Jun-2008...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 2 - Road Bike Night10P88100:26:29Julian Jenkinson00:20:39
14-May-2008...a3crg 10m TT (RTTC Championships 10 course try-out)10P881R00:28:59Tony Gibb00:20:40
23-Feb-2008...a3crg Hardriders 10m TT10P88600:32:48Chris Birch00:23:02
04-Nov-2007Inter-Club Hill Climb1Knights Hill00:05:25Phill Sykes00:03:22Actual Time 05:25:11 - 62nd Fastest
08-Aug-2007...a3crg Summer TT "Club" Event 12 - Presentation Evening10P88100:24:29Stephen Walkling / Simon Berogna00:20:20
01-Aug-2007...a3crg Summer TT "Club" Event 11 - Handicap Night10P88100:25:48Phill Sykes00:20:38
21-Jul-2007...a3crg 25m TT25P881/2501:13:53Steve Golla00:52:00
11-Jul-2007...a3crg Summer TT "Club" Event 8 - Gender Handicap10P88100:27:26Graeme Stirzaker00:20:40
20-Jun-2007...a3crg Summer TT "Club" Event 5 - Groupie Night10P88100:28:35Simon Berogna / Ben Instone / Graeme Stirzaker00:20:20
13-Jun-2007...a3crg Summer TT "Club" Event 4 - Greatham Handicap10P88100:26:59Aran Stanton00:20:52
06-Jun-2007...a3crg Summer TT "Club" Event 3 - Saga Night (Vets Comp)10P88100:27:54Aran Stanton00:21:31
30-May-2007...a3crg Summer TT "Club" Event 2 - Road Bike Comp10P88100:28:49Simon Berogna / Ben Instone00:20:48RB
08-Apr-2007...a3crg 10m TT10P88300:28:27Nik Bowdler00:20:45
24-Feb-2007...a3crg Hardriders 10m TT - Change of Course (Not so Hard!)10P883R00:30:12Ian O'Hara00:22:14
12-Aug-2006...a3crg 30m TT30P884/3001:25:46Ben Instone01:01:44
09-Aug-2006...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 10 - Presentation Night10P88100:26:44Graeme Stirzaker / Ben Instone / Stephen Walkling00:19:31
02-Aug-2006...a3crg 10m TT (Priority to League Riders)10P88100:26:53Ben Instone00:20:10
26-Jul-2006...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 9 - Handicap Night10P88100:26:13Chris Birch00:20:28
19-Jul-2006...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 8 - Young Guns / Gals Night10P88100:27:44Ben Instone00:20:08
15-Jul-2006...a3crg 10m TT (Femmes)10P88100:27:18Jenny Derham00:22:41
12-Jul-2006...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 7 - Gender Handicap Night10P88100:26:10Stephen Walkling00:20:06
05-Jul-2006...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 6 - 2-up Night10P88100:24:42Chris Birch / Stephen Walkling00:19:29
28-Jun-2006...a3crg Evening 10/25 - Event 5 - Groupie Night10P88100:26:43Ben Instone00:20:10Fastest Group 4
21-Jun-2006...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 4 - Greatham Handicap10P88100:27:11Ben Instone00:20:42Fastest on Target
14-Jun-2006...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 3 - Saga Night10P88100:28:01Ben Instone00:20:17
07-Jun-2006...a3crg Evening 10 - Event 2 - ATB / Road Bike Night10P88100:28:10Jeremy Archer / Steve Legg00:20:23Road Bike
02-Apr-2006...a3crg 25mile 2-up TTT25P881/2501:08:43Graeme Stirzaker / Ben Instone00:51:37
25-Feb-2006...a3crg Hardriders 10mile TT10P88600:34:03Ben Instone00:22:29
30-Oct-2005Inter-Club Hill Climb1Knights Hill00:05:32Toby Neave00:04:00Not Eligible for InterClub