team principals

Patrick Brennan

Paddy keeps things simple, does our prize presentations and oversees any decision making. He is also quite quick on the bike and held (with Seb Ader) the 3rd cat Record at the Duo Normand for six years.
Email Paddy for results, technical and team kit.

David Collard-Berry

DCB comes up with our events and maintains an active role in the race team. He also keeps our members in touch with amusing emails.
A stickler for sock length!
Contact David for any membership and event queries.




Eva Zsigoova

Favourite course: E2 ~ I want to be an Essex Girl
Best ride or result: 2nd Place Slovak TT Champs 2019
Favourite event: Where do you want me to start?
Pizza or Curry: Pizza sans cheese

David Shepherd

Favourite course: The Classic Goodwood Hilly
Best ride or result: National 12 ~ 2019 1st VTTA Champs & Record
Favourite event: 12 hour
Pizza or Curry: Curry

Angela Carpenter

Favourite course: Hurting on Harting
Best ride or result: Closed Circuit Champs 2019 ~ 4th/1st WV
Favourite event: Thruxton Closed Circuit National Champs
Pizza or Curry: Curry - with plenty of spice

Martin Whitty

Favourite course: V718 - It was my local course
Best ride or result: 5th June 2000 my 10 PB ~ RVCC 10
Favourite event: Any ...a3crg Handicap Event?
Pizza or Curry: Pizza, because it's usually attached to a Peroni!

Neil Mackley

Favourite course: P164 New Forest
Best ride or result: 19:27 P881r & on a local course
Favourite event: Tour Of Cambridge, Chrono
Pizza or Curry: Curry - deffo

Jerry Bromyard

Favourite course: The Marmotte high Alps Glandon
Best ride or result: Inside 2 hours for a 50m 1:54:39 U46/50A
Favourite event: The Haute Route 7 days Geneva to Nice
Pizza or Curry: Curry

Billy Holman

Favourite course: P881/10, on my doorstep & my PB
Best ride or result: Age Group Worlds (2005) in Lausanne (2005)
Favourite event: Pain on Portsdown
Pizza or Curry: Curry just nicks it!

Kirsty McSeveney

Favourite course: F11/10 & P614 sporting
Best ride or result: 25pb on P884b & National Team Record 30m
Favourite event: Wednesday Evening ...a3crg
Pizza or Curry: erm, Pizza

Mike Boyce

Favourite course: P883 Buriton
Best ride or result: Southdown Velo 50 in 2018
Favourite event: Closed Circuit Champs Thruxton
Pizza or Curry: Curry

Virginia McGee

Favourite course: Hurting on Harting
Best ride or result: 251 miles Newbury 12 hour
Favourite event: Wednesday Evening Tens ...a3crg
Pizza or Curry: Definitely Pizza!

Lucy Mitchell

Favourite course: P884b/25
Best ride or result: 30mile National Team Record with Kirsty & Angela
Favourite event: The Classic Goodwood Hilly
Pizza or Curry: Curry

Sarah F Matthews

Favourite course: A sporting course that I've not ridden before
Best ride or result: 3rd AG UCI Chrono Championships 2017
Favourite event: Wednesday Evening Tens ...a3crg
Pizza or Curry: Curry


Favourite course: H25/2 Marlow
Best ride or result: Duo Norman 3rd Cat Win & Record with Seb
Favourite event: Midsummer 25 (it's normally around my birthday)
Pizza or Curry: Pizza with lots of friends & Kaaren's calculator

Kathy Collard-Berry

Favourite course: P885/50
Best ride or result: Timing Michael Hutchinson doing an "18"on the P881r
Favourite event: Closed Circuit Champs Thruxton
Pizza or Curry: Pizza


Favourite course: The new one I'm working on!
Best ride or result: The 2006 National 50, our first Team Win
Favourite event: Midsummer 25
Pizza or Curry: Pizza with a Primitivo


Favourite course: P881r
Best ride or result: 19.50 - Paceline RT 10 in Sept and team winners.
Favourite event: ...a3crg Wednesday night summer TT league
Pizza or Curry: Curry


Just some of our regular volunteers, who make our events happen!

As well as David & Paddy there are 2 main time-keepers Kathy & Chris who between them have 30 years experience at National Level. Our assistant timekeeper Trevor ( is a BC commissaire and regularly attends UCI events. As well as these we are proud to have a strong group of volunteers who regularly help with ensuring our events run smoothly and safely. Over the last few years we have also had an increase in event organisers; Darryl Barr, Rob Sherrin & John Glaysher have all run successful open events;-